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BIG Concert October 2 - Tues. 2007 -LOOK BELOW !

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Welcome to the home page of The Creative Music and Film
Society (U.S.C.)
Feel free to contact us for booking experimental concerts!
(803) 791-7378

This is the linked site for music from the Creative film site ( The Creative Music and Film Society- USC)
From Columbia , South Carolina -the University of South
Carolina! Most musical and film events are held at Gambrell Hall Auditorium (USC) Rm.153 (on the corner of
Greene St. and Pickens St. behind the Nursing building and
next to the Humnaties building on USC campus)

This site will be edited and upgraded EVERY month or more!
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Contact Me ! Kevin Green- Email me at : or (803) 791-7378


Konk Pack

The Creative Music and Film Society (USC) is  proud to announce   a SPECIAL concert for Oct.2  (Tuesday)  Konk Pack -A POWER TRIO   from Germany and U.K. !!

(photos above and below) 

 This  has been confirmed ! They will perform at Gambrell Hall  (USC)-FREE FOOD from 4 vendors will be there at 7pm and Music will start at 7:30 Addmission is ONLY $8 !!!-

The FREE FOOD is comming from :

Congaree Grill, El Burrito, Grilled Teriyaki ,and Gourmet 2 Go Catering !!! Look out for updates SOON !!

Click here for our concert poster!!!!!!

Check out Konk Pack's bio - Click here!!!


KONK PACK  is (Left to right) Thomas Lehn -EMS sythns., Roger Turner,- Percussion and beyond, and Tim Hodgkinson- table guitar, electronics and clarinet.




Rick Hubbard - President of Kazoobie!

The Kazoo experience - Are you Experienced  ??????

Local artist/noise-invader Kevin Green plays drums, noise, amplified objects, keyboards. He collaborates with other artists -CLICK on : ABOUT ME -above ! OR ClICK HERE for Davey Williams' site


One the artists that Kevin has played with-Here is Ned Rothenberg's web site:

Here is Kark Berger's' web site ! Click HERE !!!!

A cool site for cool art, cool soap and cool pictures of COOL soap-click here!!

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Check this web site for the Belgium 8 piece ensemble Present!! CLICK HERE !!!

Ignore this picture- WHY NOT!!!!! Look BELOWWWW
A door; Actual size=180 pixels wide

Here is Lars Hollmer (far right) - keyboardist/accordianist for the Swedish band Samla Mammas Manna  (Selecting Mommy's Manner) and I  (center)along with Costa Apetrea ( left )Guitarist/ yodels- who was NOT very amused

Smog Fest- Chapel Pill, N.C.  8/30/03


Actually Really - Prog Fest-Chapel Hill, N.C.-8/30/03

CLICK HERE and check out Samla Mamma Manna on this website: click on "Bands" on the menu on the left!

Experimntal music comming in  OCT. 2-2007
Check our site for future listings !!!

Look out for future musical events comming in 2007 !!

or click here for the Sex Mob web site!!!

I had a great time at the Victo fest in May (It is every year in May) -Check out their site CLICK HERE !!!!